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"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"

- Albert Einstein



Body Talk is a priority based holistic look at the body mind complex. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and systems that are in constant communication with each other. This communication is driven by a consciousness or “innate wisdom” and is integral in maintaining balance and health. Throughout our life, we collect stories, emotions, and experiences. Sometimes we are unable to fully process these stories and emotions, so the body begins to hold this for us. Over time, this creates a stagnation within the body mind that can lead to emotional, physical, and energetic symptoms.


I love all things science and metaphysical and believe that where these two concepts meet, magic happens! You can usually find me reading in my hammock, climbing a mountain, hitting a fitness class or doting on my kitty cat, Elsa. 



  • BSc Geology

  • Certified Body Talk Practitioner CBP

  • Mod 1&2 Body Talk Fundamentals

  • Advanced Body Talk Protocols and Procedures

  • Mod 3 Principles of Consciousness

  • Mod 6: Macrocosmic Mind

  • Mod 9: Matrix Dynamics

  • Body Talk Access


Jen is a full HEALER package: the knowledge, insight, compassion, life experiences and wisdom combined beautifully with her bright and vibrant personality. Her energy is felt 100s kms away during distance session. I've had a few bodytalk practitioners but Jen is certainly my favorite because of her endless knowledge, care and I think even psychic abilities as she tends to surprise me every time during each session with her accuracy. It's like having a few practitioners combined in one. I admire Jen for everything she does  and who she is. I had good results after her sessions and felt shifts immediately.  She truly cares and trust me with her you are in good hands

Olena G. 

Disclaimer: These testimonials are based on personal experience and do not constitute a guaranteed outcome.


Tel: 403-618-2336

C-2220 7th Ave NW, Calgary AB

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