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I began my Body Talk journey in 2019, through a series of serendipitous events.

As a child I had an awareness of a world beyond the physical. I had a deep connection with the natural world and an intrepid curiosity. This was fostered by science and exploration and in 2013 I completed my BSc. in Geology. The jobs that I was most successful and sought after for, were jobs that put me in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a compass and a notebook.

 From my early twenties, I suffered from chronic pain from a back injury whose origin was in explainable by Western Medicine. I simply woke up one day after a long day on my feet, and my discs were herniated and nerves were compressed. Growing up as an athlete, I was trained to ignore and persevere but unfortunately, this injury required me to pause and dig deeper. I began to search for an explanation that was beyond the physical body. This led me to energy work, metaphysical study and a new appreciation for how our minds can facilitate our outside circumstances.

A car accident in 2019 forced me again, to level up and investigate a different way of treating pain- Enter Body Talk! During a Body Talk Fundamentals course, my appreciation for the mind body connection came full circle. This is what I had been waiting for my whole life; a marrying of grounding science and transcendental study that put me back in the driver’s seat when it came to my health! I went from living in a world where things “happened TO me” to a world where these experiences were opportunities FOR me. These physical symptoms were untold stories, emotions held on for too long and judgments incepted in the mind that no longer served me.

After a series of sessions, I started to change my perspective on my physical and emotional pain. I experienced a significant improvement in not only my physical symptoms, but the emotional trauma that I was hiding within my body.

In less than a year, I was a certified Body Talk practitioner with the International Body Talk Association (IBA). I have completed the following courses with the IBA

  • Mod 1&2 Body Talk Fundamentals

  • Advanced Body Talk Protocols and Procedures

  • Mod 3 Principles of Consciousness

  • Mod 6: Macrocosmic Mind

  • Mod 9: Matrix Dynamics

  • Body Talk Access

I have also continued my study into the conscious mind with several Consciousness Living Investigation (CLI) courses. The topics range from examining the five senses, the giving and receiving cycle to reading the universal field. This has deepened my understanding of the mind body connection and has become seamlessly integrated into my Body Talk practice.

I have deepened my training through continuous self-study and have forged a connection between consciousness and geology. A combined mineralogical and metaphysical knowledge enables me to pinpoint and cater crystal therapy to my clients during sessions.

My passion for exploration into new frontiers has established a practice that will constantly be evolving. My goal is to use all facets of knowledge to dive deeper into sessions and explore the complexities of the body mind.

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